FORGE Scanning Platforms

Akoya PhenoImager HT

The PhenoImager HT is an automated imaging system for performing brightfield or fluorescent whole slide imaging (WSI) scans of tissue sections. With an 80 slide capacity, the PhenoImager HT is a high capacity fluorescence WSI scanner capable of performing multispectral unmixing with autofluorescence subtraction. The system has been optimised to image samples stained with Akoya’s Opal multiplexed fluorescent immunohistochemistry reagent kits and is also compatible with typical brightfield staining reagents.

OptraSCAN OS-Ultra

OS-Ultra is a high-speed 40x whole slide digital pathology scanner that has one of the largest 3”x2” slide scanning capacities in the world (240, per single batch), with continual slide loading capacity. The OS-Ultra can also scan 480 slides 3”x1” slides in a single batch. The OS-Ultra features a unique no-touch slide loading mechanism to diminish workflow errors and produce high-resolution images. 

3D Histech Panoramic 250 Flash III

The P250 Flash III is a scanner allowing continuous loading to accommodate large volumes of slides. The model situated at NPIC is capable of producing whole slide images at 20x and 40x magnifications. This scanner offers a high degree of flexibility to create optimal images.

Objective Imaging Glissando 20SL

The 20SL is a desktop scanner with a small footprint and the capability to combine both regular and 3”x2” slides at 40x magnification. The user interface is designed to scan moderate numbers of slides easily and quickly. The device can also produce Z-Stack images as well as being capable of exporting multiple image formats.

Roche Ventana DP200

A six-slide high-speed scanner, the DP200 uses a tray loading system to provide a robust scanning procedure that avoids slide handling. The scanner uses International Colour Consortium standard profile generation when scanning as well as automatic white balance calibration to produce high quality whole slide images. The DP200 is also capable of scanning 3”x2” slides.

Leica Aperio GT450DX

The GT450DX is designed for high throughput pathology laboratories. Its high capacity and continuous loading capability suits it to scanning large numbers of slides quickly and automatically with minimal input from the operator. 
The scanner contains an integrated image QC algorithm providing real time notification of suboptimal scanning via a touchscreen interface. It can also produce both SVS and DICOM scans at 40x magnification. NPIC currently has 3 GT450DX units in our facility.

Hamamatsu NanoZoomer s60

Similarly to its sister scanner the S360, the NanoZoomer s60 can operate with differing amounts of operator input and includes automatic, semi-automatic and manual scanning modes. The s60 also allows for batch scanning of 3”x2” slides and has a capacity of 30 for this mode. Focus level thresholds can be set to ensure images are optimal and rescanning can be requested at the time of scanning.

Roche Ventana DP600

One of the first of this model to be installed in the UK, the DP600 is Roche’s high-capacity scanner. Using a similar tray loading system to the DP200, slide handling is kept to a minimum to avoid errors. The capacity and the scanning interface are designed to allow a configurable walkaway scanning platform. Image quality is ensured by regular auto-calibration and the application of an International Colour Consortium colour profile to every scanned image.

Leica Aperio AT2

The AT2 is a high throughput scanner capable of scanning at multiple magnifications. This model of scanner has been used in numerous institutions around the world for a number of years and much of the scanning done to produce whole slide images for AI development is likely to have been carried out using an AT2.

Olympus VS200

A high-resolution research scanner capable of acquiring images at high magnifications that require oil immersion. The model located at NPIC is fitted with a 210-capacity loader to allow large numbers of slides to be scanned in one batch. The VS200 provides great flexibility to scan various tissue types and stains and can also produce whole slide images of 3”x2” slides at a lower throughput.

Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S360

A high-throughput scanner capable of scanning 360 slides in one batch. The S360 can be run with as much operator input as desired and when combined with the use of the included automatic focus evaluation a walkaway scanning workflow is achievable. The manual creation of areas of interest and focus is also possible when required to allow a flexibility in the scanning process.