National Pathology Imaging Co-operative: deploying digital pathology in the NHS and developing artificial intelligence to improve diagnosis

What is NPIC?

National Pathology Imaging Co-operative (NPIC) is a unique collaboration between NHS, Academic and Industry partners. Beginning in 2019, NPIC will deploy digital pathology scanners across over 40 hospitals across England, scanning over 2.3m images per year and generating 3 Petabytes of image data per year.

The Leeds Guide to Digital Pathology Vol.1

NPIC’s first guide to establishing Digital Pathology solutions. The Leeds Guide is our original manual to starting on the Digital Pathology path, with expert advice on the case for digitising, training and practical tips for implementation.

Leeds Guide to Digital Pathology Vol. 2

NPIC presents a second volume on Digital Pathology to update our project, and share insights into more complex and topical aspects of digital pathology deployment.