Training & Education

At Northern Pathology Imaging Co-operative (NPIC), we are committed to developing and sharing best practice guidance in the implementation and delivery of clinical digital pathology. We are champions of evidence-based medicine and have sought to apply a rational approach to a rapidly evolving medical discipline whilst focusing on patient safety and the maintenance of professional standards.

Given current social distancing restrictions, we have postponed our face to face digital pathology workshops and seminars at present, but we hope to be welcoming back visitors soon!

NPIC Training Session

In the meantime, we hope you find some of our training resources useful and informative! 

To learn more about the benefits and strategic context of digital pathology in clinical practice you can read: Future-proofing pathology: the case for clinical adoption of digital pathology Williams BJ, Bottoms D, Treanor D Journal of Clinical Pathology 2017;70:1010-1018.
Which is available for free at  

For information on practical aspects of ISO 15189 accreditation of digital pathology diagnostic services you can read our paper:Maintaining quality diagnosis with digital pathology: a practical guide to ISO 15189 accreditation Williams BJ, Knowles C, Treanor D Journal of Clinical Pathology 2019;72:663-668.
Which is available free at  

For detailed discussion of our digital pathology diagnostic validation protocol, including hints and tips for digital diagnosis for the novice, read our publication: Practical guide to training and validation for primary diagnosis with digital pathology. Williams BJ, Treanor D Journal of Clinical Pathology 2020;73:418-422.