Training and Education

The National Pathology Imaging Co-operative (NPIC) is committed to developing and sharing best practice guidance in the implementation and delivery of clinical digital pathology. We are champions of evidence-based medicine and seek to apply a rational approach to a rapidly evolving medical discipline whilst focusing on patient safety and the maintenance of professional standards.

NPIC Educational Webinar Series

NPIC is excited to offer educational webinar series on digital pathology. Events in this webinar series will enable attendees to:

  • Hear from expert guest speakers
  • Learn first-hand about hot topics in clinical digital pathology
  • Get practical tips and advice and pose your questions to the speakers and webinar chair

The next event in the 2022 series will take place on Friday 27th January 2023, from 3pm to 4pm (London time)

Please check back to this webpage and NPIC’s social media for further upcoming information confirming the topic and speakers.

Training resources

The Leeds Guide to Digital Pathology Volume 2: Building a National Digital Pathology Network

NPIC presents a second volume on Digital Pathology to update our project, and share insights into more complex and topical aspects of digital pathology deployment. NPIC has a mission to develop best practise guidance in digital pathology and AI to share with other organisations, and to champion evidence based medicine whilst focussing on patient safety and professional standards. The team hopes that Volume II of the Leeds Guide is a useful and interesting resource

To learn more about the benefits and strategic context of digital pathology in clinical practice you can read: Future-proofing pathology: the case for clinical adoption of digital pathology Williams BJ, Bottoms D, Treanor D Journal of Clinical Pathology 2017;70:1010-1018.

For information on practical aspects of ISO 15189 accreditation of digital pathology diagnostic services you can read our paper:Maintaining quality diagnosis with digital pathology: a practical guide to ISO 15189 accreditation Williams BJ, Knowles C, Treanor D Journal of Clinical Pathology 2019;72:663-668.

For detailed discussion of our digital pathology diagnostic validation protocol, including hints and tips for digital diagnosis for the novice, read our publication: Practical guide to training and validation for primary diagnosis with digital pathology. Williams BJ, Treanor D Journal of Clinical Pathology 2020;73:418-422.